Rolling Customs, Loris, S.C. BEWARE!!!!!

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did not put up any stars on this business.( I had to put up one star for service to be poor) I have had my bike there over a year and paid to have it customized.

The owner Steven Gerald gives excuses (1) his wife was sick and I understood that (2) he is working out of town. Steven Gerald will not answer his phone or return calls and he is never in his shop. I am going through legal process not to get my bike and money. Steven Gerald said he would give me a motor (not on bike and running as I had paid for) and he has done nothing.

BEWARE you will lose money. Look up "Steven Gerald" or "Rolling Customs" on Horry Country Courts site and you will see he has 1 judgement against him and 2 more actions in court there. Don't waste your money or time.

*UPDATE* I got a 4000.00 judgement against Steven Gerald but he has many judgements against him so I don't expect him to pay.Use caution when dealing with this individual as he has many judgements and actions pending both civil and criminal courts in South Carolina.

Review about: Motorcycle Repair.



Steven L.Gerald is a liar.

His whole family lies for him (as if he needs help lying). Steven L. Gerald is still in business and still looking to rip people off.

Check him out at site and see all the charges and judgements against him.:grin


Lots of people have been scammed, duped ,conned by this business/individual Steven L.Gerald.

Lots of judgements on this guy.Beware


If your bike was stolen during "Bike Week" you may want to have the police look at rolling cutoms while they are hanging out there.


Almost got taken by Steven Gerald and read on one site that it was a stolen motor someone had dropped off.Well 5 counts of "receiving stolen goods" is far from that.

One custom of his had his bike stolen and it was found at Steven Gerald's shop.

Sounds like Rolling Customs is bird dogging for thieves and pointing them to where bikes are to steal and bring back to him.Would not be comfortable with having my bike worked on there on the chance it would go missing.


Thanks for the information. I was going to have my bike worked on at this shop and almost did business with Rolling Customs. I thank you for all the information on this flim flam business.


Steven Gerald is a liar and thief.How does a person steal and cheat and stay in business ????????????

People need to spread the work in Loris, S.C.about Rolling Customs.


Steven F. Gerald "DBA" Rolling Customs is a thief and a liar. And so are his parents.


Thanks for the information on "Rolling Customs" unethical business practices. Our Club will put out the information on Steven Gerald's legal problems (he was convicted) along with the Civil judgements for his sloppy work. Keep up the good work he can't stay in business much longer.


I went to this business to see about getting a bike customized.The owner Steve Gerald lied to me and said he had a great requtation and bragged about his many cop buddies.

I see Steve was arrested for a lot of crimes against bikers. That is just wrong. This guy lied and did not bat an eye. Thank you for all who posted.

You saved me money and a lot of suffering.Oh, I also looked at the Civil judgements as well and he has a lot of those too.


Rolling Customs does not care about doing a good job only stealing money from customers. If this business was legit they would pay all their judgments.



Thanks for that information. I will do my best to get that to the right individuals.


New update this place doesnt have a business license and they are not listed on the irs webpage but i fixed that!


This guy wont have anything happen to him because I just recently within the past month went to his shop and he has horry county police, whom are in uniform at his shop. THEY ARE HIS FRIENDS!!!


:grin Good thing i wrote a check and stopped payment this shop needs to be closed i didnt know of this guy til my brother in law told me to go here he had my bike for 5 months and lame stories and never at his chop shop my bike paint and body work has to be redone now for 2200 bucks i stopped my check on him he almost got me


Steven Gerald got arrested this week for MANY charges, stolen property-false vin's-chop shop act. He is gonna get whats comin to him.

Look up wbtw13news


Steven's family (Mother and Father) lie for him and he does all this in front of his son.Yes, there are many judgements against Steven Gerald for basically ripping people off who are not aware of his shady business practices.

I hope we can get his shop close and perhaps him and his whole family will move from the area.This is a shame that a business such as this is allowed to operate in the area.

to Loris, S.C. (Resident) #849412

Unless you know for sure what he does keep your mouth closed talking all your *** makes you no better seriously people grow up.. I know his parents and they are awesome people and would give you the shirt off there backs.. His son is also one of this sweetest boys you will ever meet I will pray for you all.

to Anonymous #1284860

Steven Geralds parents lied for him. I understand he lost his house and the business is closed. Good people, lol !

Bunch of thieves !

to Anonymous #1319441

I heard Steven Geraldine lost his house. Karma has teeth when it comes back and Steven Geraldine got his.


Steven Gerald's days of flim flaming people are coming to an end very soon. You can do people like that forever. Watch and see what happens to him in the legal system.


I see most of the reviews are from people not from the area. Locals have been aware of Steven Gerals's business practices for quite some time and very few deals with him. You either get shoddy work, takes too long to complete, or you pay too much for what you get.


WOW !!!!!!!I did not realize all these people were in the same boat as me with Steven Gerald, of Rolling Customs, Loris,S.C., I had a bike there and could not get Steven Gerald to answer his phone or could I catch him at home.

He told me many lies as to when my bike would be completed but it never happen.Beware of this Business !!!!!!!


I was had by this business as well.I am from Loris,S.C.

and Steven Gerald has many unhappy customers in the area and he just laughs in their face as he won't pay his judgements.Thank you for putting up the warnings.

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